Few notes on: Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing. Heard them before? If you’re The X-Files fan, you might’ve heard this song, or this one. They’ve also managed to get on a surprisingly popular soundtrack to a bad movie with this song. Also they do not exist for about 12 years now.

From alt. rock/post grunge with jazz samples, to post-rock and drum n bass – the entirety of the alternative music of the 90s can be heard in this one single band. Yet, their best known track is the simple pop sounding Circles. Even Mike Doughty in his solo career decided to start playing much simpler kind of music and look like a very friendly Dave Matthews (whom he even vocally reminds me of), rather than a nerdy looking weirdo rapping to broken beats.

If you’ve never listened to the band before and want to find a place to start, I’d suggest getting their Best of compilation. Thankfully, selecting “the best” from 3 LPs and few soundtracks and collections isn’t that hard, although there are some stellar tracks not included there. My only regret is that I haven’t started listening to their stuff earlier. Especially since my first exposure to them was with a very near and dear compilation that was with me for 14 years :/.

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