Thoughts on: Her Story

Her story. Интерактивный документальный фильм

This is not a game a lot of people will enjoy. It can probably be best described as an “interactive fragmented imaginary documentary film about a curious case that never got solved”, where “interaction” comes almost only in how you sort out the fragments of the story together. It’s a weird and interesting experience that feels a bit… lacking, but still satisfying.

There’s always something curious about things in life like that – when it’s hard to be very definite about what actually happened. When all explanations you hear sound valid, despite being conflicting. When the mystery just stays with you in a “what do YOU think happened” kind of way. And in that regard Her Story is very good. Sadly, a lot of explanations and “twists” (although most don’t really aim to be twists in an accepted way) are very predictable, which does leave the entire experience a teeny tiny bit disappointing. Not because of “I knew that” feeling, but because you just feel like that since you know how it goes already you’d just wish there was more to do.
But still, it’s an interesting experience, the acting is good and shattered narrative makes the game feel very unique and interesting, even though you can easily cheat it and watch things chronologically. But I’d advise against doing that until you feel like you see the picture and want to find the filler bits.

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