Thoughts on: NieR: Automata – 3C3C1D119440927

I gotta be honest with you. I didn’t expect to write about this DLC separately when it was announced. I’m preparing another “thoughts on several games” post and wanted to put it there, but… Goddamn, Yoko Taro. Goddamn.

There isn’t much to say, though. It’s advertised as a fighting-focused DLC with new costumes and other cosmetic items and at first it seems to be exactly about that. Previously inaccessible mysterious elevators are open, there’s lots of different in approach fighting to be had in new areas, some of which reference original NieR directly, while some indirectly. And same goes with items. With some of the new items being there to make you worse (so you can challenge yourself, if you so desire) on usage.

And it’s working as advertised. PlatinumGames’ fighting system is finally given a proper chance to shine, since in my main game review I did mention how action becomes pretty simple as you level up. A lot of new challenges also fit perfectly for those cases where you might wish to do some of the incredibly grindy high-level side-quests, but don’t wish to grind in the same location and have some progression. There are special challenges as well, which are ridiculous in difficulty – I cheated through one just to see if it unlocks anything special, but otherwise could only get about midway through each one of them before miserably dying. Even the hacking game gets new levels, which are insanely bullet-hellish.

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But that’s not it. You see, there’s story in this DLC as well. And after I’ve gotten to the new bonus ending you unlock upon finishing the new sidequest, my only reaction was just staring at the screen in awe and disbelief of what I’ve just experienced. Not because it was shocking, or surprising, or brought new light to the game. I just didn’t expect this. And I bet you won’t. And it’s magic.

Is this DLC vital for enjoying the game? No, not really. But if you enjoy the main game, the feelings it brings in you – you need to get the DLC as well, as it complements the game in a very surprising way.