4A Games interview on Games Day

4A Games interview, Metro 2033, Last Light

During the recent Games Day video game expo, a small expo in Kyiv, Ukraine, we, at AveGamers, had a chance to speak with Metro 2033 developers, 4A Games. Creative director of 4A games – Andrew Prokhorov aka PROF, senior game designer – Evgeniy Fedorets aka Lin and lead game designer – Slava Aristov aka Must, drinking beer to ease their minds after another day in the long process of developing the awaited sequel, Metro: Last Light, answered our questions about the past, the present and the future. PR campaign for the sequel is not in its full power yet, a lot of things are still kept secret and some things are still being balanced out. And yet, we never hit any “no comments yet” questions. Read on to find out, what we talked aboutRead more

Killer sales from Pluto 6: Summer Plan 8

Day one
Morning. I woke up to the sound of rain. Stormy winds. I had my breakfast and then went to the loo. I felt very strange in the loo. I knew: if I feel strange in the toilet – something bad is coming. Having a bad feeling I fired up my laptop and checked out the internet. And then I felt even more strange. Then i realized it was just the beans. The beans knew. It has returned. It almost ruined my life last year and it was back to finish what it started. The Steam Sale was on. I hid my wallet in the closet.

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Why Silent Hill doesn’t need “mythology”

Since its release in ’99, Silent Hill inspired people to form communities around the series, to talk and wonder about the secrets of that mysterious foggy city. In 2001 i got into internet for the first time and, quite obviously, started searching information on the game i loved. Thus i too became a part of one such community. It was called Black Helix, and we spent hours sitting in the forum and discussing everything Silent Hill related. We argued about reality, we dreamed of what it would be to personally go to Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 was already released, and still talked about a year after the release. After getting a PC version (i didn’t have a PS2) i joined in the heated discussions about the story and the characters. My opinion, just as the opinion of any other member of the community, was “true” in a way, because Silent Hill 2 didn’t have any straight answers. I believed that maybe the guilt of leaving the wife to die alone transformed into an imagined murder, and i still do. And i could – there was no trustworthy narrator, there were no clear facts, no definitive “truth” in the game. So, Silent Hill 2 journey was a personal one. Looking back – that was the best time to be a Silent Hill fan.

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Gamer talk on game design: Killin’ me softly

Quite a while ago i started posting a series of post about design choices in games from my, purely gamer perspective. Since the posts are completely in russian i won’t just repost or even simply translate them, but will write here similar musings.

Dying in a videogame is a simple and common thing. Your character/s might and will die in most of the games. It’s a vital part of the gameplay itself, and it’s surprising how usually underdeveloped it is. It is still used like a crude punishment for failing, which annoys more than it motivates you to try again. And even though not every game treats you with the “wow, you lose!” attitude, most of them still don’t try to make dying less annoying.

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Bioshock is an OK FPS

So, BioShock was, apparently, a very big thing. And i still don’t get why exactly was that. Now, don’t get me wrong, BioShock was a rather good, if frustrating at times, FPS “with a twist”. It was nicely made, had several really good things about it but… That’s about it. And the entire situation of BioShock popularity really reminds me of Halo popularity – it seems that people consider BioShock is big simply because they were continuously told that it is big. But let me explain myself in detail.

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Mass Effect: Chrono connection

Before someone thinks that this post will contain something like “OMG BioWare ripped-off Chrono trigger!11!”, “I like macaroni!” or “Jim Sterling has green skin!” or something equally stupid i want to clarify that the connection between games is actually pretty minor. Yes, this means that post is obviously boring, you can leave now. Ok, so if anyone is still interested in hearing me out, read on. The post will contain spoilers for both Mass Effect 2 and Chrono Trigger, so be warned.

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