Few notes on: Anthesteria

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything about the bands and music I wish more people were aware of. Last time I wrote anything about music was when I wrote about 2015 videogame soundtracks last year, but, apart from that, it’s been 5 years since I wrote about 2 really interesting bands – Floater and Soul Coughing. This time I want to write a couple of words about a Saint Petersburg-based project, which is, sadly, technically not existing anymore. The masters of haunting, dark and yet hopeful melancholic ambient – Anthesteria.

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Few notes on: Videogame music 2015

Videogame music 2015, soundtrack

I was recently wondering – which were the most memorable game soundtracks last year. And how much of it was 80s inspired synthwave. Turns out, there were synths like that, but not that many and music in general was very varied. It still felt like it had nostalgic notes about one thing or another. And I also want to give a special mention to Metal Gear Solid V, which has a rather average soundtrack of music composed for it if you try to listen to it outside the game, but when in the game – sounds stellar, just like everything sound related in this game.

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Few notes on: Floater

Floater is a curious band. Some might love lots of their songs. I like only about 15. But those I like, I like a lot. It’s a little known band from Oregon (insert your dysentery joke here), which released 8 records and play a weird mix of genres, sing “meaningful” lyrics and their records usually are centered around a particular idea.

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