Iwata Asks The Wonderful 101. Часть вторая — Команда разработки

Хитоси Ямагами. Синго Мацусита. Ацуси Инаба. Хидэки Камия

Две недели вместо одной после первой части, я наконец сделал перевод второй части увлекательного Iwata Asks: The Wonderful 101. В этой части вы узнаете об удивительной разработке The Wonderful 101, изменениях в последние минуты, своеобразном характере Камии и чудо-руководителе.

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Iwata Asks The Wonderful 101. Часть первая – Хидэки Камия

Хидэки Камия, руководитель, The Wonderful 101, PlatinumGames Inc.

Недавно, регулярную рубрику Iwata Asks, где исполнительный директор Nintendo Co., Ltd. и Nintendo of America Сатору Ивата разговаривает с разными разработчиками игр, посетил Хидэки Камия и другие люди, ответственные за создание Wii U эксклюзива PlatinumGames – The Wonderful 101. Эта рубрика на русский язык не переводится, а разговор в двух частях мне показался невероятно увлекательным, так что, я надеюсь, Nintendo не будет очень против, если я его переведу. Сегодня я перевел первую часть этого разговора.Read more

Nintendon’t land


I was born in the Ukrainian SSR in 1985. My first contact with video games was in about 87 or 88 with some weird light gun and joystick thing, which we would connect to the old soviet CRT TV and shoot white squares on the black background. I guess, it was some Atari clone, but i never knew the name. Then we had those fun games called “Electronika“. Those were simple, but  fun and I was really glad that a few years later we would have portable Tetris games as well. I wondered if all the world knew about this game made by a soviet game designer. Then I’d have a PC, one of the soviet-made ones, called Poisk 1. Worked on tapes at first, but then we’d buy a floppy drive and copy the floppies, because you can’t really buy soft and games, right? I knew you couldn’t, so i never questioned it. But then we had a revolution called Dendy. An “add on” (for TV), as we called it, or “приставка” (pristavka) in Russian. That thing was so cool, it had yellow cartridges and a ton of awesome games. One of the best was, of course, Super Mario Bros. made by some company called Nintendo. Shame it never got a proper sequel, only weird ones, which were clearly unofficial. And then we had Mega Drive, then Playstation, then Playstation 2 – no need to choose, just a straight road of definite upgrades. There were some weird “consoles”, as I learned they should be called much much later, i heard about or played, like 3DO. Doctor Hauzer was awesome, Way of the Warrior was fun and then there were those silly funny “on-rails” shooter games… Mario for me, and many people of my generation living in many post-soviet countries, was a thing from the childhood, quite quickly changed for more awesome things, mostly due to the lack of any sequels or follow ups. Well, except for that weird movie i kinda liked, but which had nothing to do with the game.

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