So, I’ve watched Blade Runner 2049

In the “Klarden goes to the cinema for the second time in the last 15 years” news, I went to see Blade Runner 2049 last Sunday and didn’t get to writing what I feel about it until now due to work, getting a Legacy of Kain tattoo and work again. So, let me share some thoughts on the movie with you.

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Few thoughts on Twin Peaks (The Return)

Is it the future

When the next season of Twin Peaks was announced as a thing that will definitely happen I… didn’t know how to react. So I rewatched the original and Fire Walk with Me (and The Missing Pieces). And I knew that the first Season is still an amazing achievement, with the Pilot being a fantastic thriller, a slowly unfolding other side of a seemingly normal quiet city. I knew that the second season was a slow descent into pointless mediocrity, with ridiculous Moriarty-like villains and nonsensical events, but which ended on the, probably, most infamous cliffhanger in history. And I knew that Fire Walk with Me was a fantastic and horrifying movie, a true evolution of the ideas with the other side of the town, of people being shown in all its ugly abusive and horrifying glory.

And then I knew that the only way the continuation can work is if it goes further down and away.

And it does.

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A Song of Ice and Fire. With fire and blood against night terrors

My parents always were proud of the fact that I was a reader since very young age. From children books on ants and dogs in the pocket, to classic adventure literature of Jules Verne, Conan Doyle or Alfred Szklarski I read and re-read everything I found to be interesting in our home library. And I’ve been doing this as one of my main means of “story kicks” up until about 10 or more years ago when games finally started upping their story quality. BioWare, who feel so pop and simplistic today, Obsidian, new and old projects from western and eastern developers I would discover for the first time with exciting wonderfully told stories. I knew that I’m not a particularly good writer myself, but had a bit more talent with games, so I spent more time with games, and less with books. And, eventually, decided to write about games. Nowadays, I rarely read books and watch movies/shows, having occasional exceptions for something that I feel is especially interesting or just “fitting the mood”. And spend more time with games trying to find my place with them. Now, when games are telling really amazing stories more commonly, I’m glad we’re getting more and more fantastic worlds, characters and stories. Yet, when I read George Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”, I finally noticed something that wasn’t just about that. These books don’t just have amazing world, character and stories, they’re also one of the best examples of storytelling I’ve ever seen.

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Soviet animation loves you

A few months ago Jordan Mechner, whom you love and admire for game classics like Karateka, Prince of Persia and The Last Express, tweeted about watching the soviet Winnie-the-Pooh animation and loving it. In response, I promised to make a post about soviet animation I grew up with and could recommend for watching. With me being lazy this took a few months longer than I planned, but promise is a promise. So here is the list of soviet animation you might have not heard of and seen if you were not born in Soviet Union, which you should consider watching.

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